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Information and terms of use

Kiel University is running a Jupyterhub to provide access to its computing resources and teaching material for educational purposes. All the information given below will apply to the instance reachable at

General Information

Student Accounts

The students will get an unique account for each module and each semester. The naming scheme for this class of accounts is (ws|ss)[0-9]{2}modulename[0-9]{2}. E.g., a student account for the module climnum in the winter semester 2020/21 may have the name ws20climnum07.

The account names are assigned by the tutor of the module in the beginning of the semester. The account password is set upon first login y the student. Simply type a password into the password text field as shown below and hit the Sign In button, as show below.

Login Page

The passwords will not be stored in a readable or retrievable form on the system. In case you lost your password, please contact your tutor.

Course Materials

Every user will have a separate home directory to which only the user itself and the system administrator have access. Within this home directory, you will find a link to the course materials.

Course Materials

The course materials are readable by all users of the system and writable by the tutor of the respective course. Permissions are set by the system administrator at the beginning of the course.

The name of a course materials’ directory is the module name prefixed by the semester ((ws|ss)[0-9]{2}modulename), e.g. ss21climnum.

Terms of Use

By signing in on you are accepting the terms of use as stated below.

The use of the system is allowed for educational purposes only. In particular, the use by a student account (as described above) is restricted to working on the material of the course the account is created for. Every user is legally responsible for the content he or she is creating and/or distributing with this system.

There is no guaranty on the availability of the system at any time.

User and Data Deletion

If not stated otherwise, student user accounts will be deleted without prior notification at the end of the second examination period of the semester they are created for. E.g. ws20climnum23 will be deleted at the end of the second examination period of Winter semester 2020/21. All data within the home directory of the user are deleted together with the account credentials. -

Usage Statistics

To improve the service and to monitor its general usage, aggregated usage statistics, such as the number of active users or total memory consumption, are continuously recorded and analyzed. This data may also be shared with external partners. Logs of personalized data will never be shared with anyone and are only accessible to the system administrator.